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Ed Farrell

Paul did a great job on my loan. On time. On schedule. Reliable, and caring. He helped me get into my dream home 4 days early.

Juris Bunkis

Have worked with Paul for 15 years - nothing but good things to say about him!

Peter Vallier

I have known Paul for 25 years. Over that time we have become best friends. I got into Real Estate three years ago and have used Paul as a Professional because he is an expert at lending, a true professional that gets the job done with tremendous enthusiasm. I highly recommend him.


We have used Paul's team for multiple financing projects over the years. They are innovative and quick to respond to get the job done. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Nora Gallogly

Paul is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable professionals I know . He is not only good at what he does but he has an incredible passion for people and coming up with a solution that works for each individual no matter how complex. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know and I hope you get to meet him because you will be impressed with his capabilities and you will not only enjoy working with him but you will also call him your friend!

Greg Gantman

Paul Schelper is a veteran in the real estate/financial services business. He is certified to be knowledgeable, honest, a good advisor & teacher. Overall, you couldn't meet a nicer individual with integrity and knowledge. Paul also contributes back to Diabetes, of which he honors his brother. Great guy, great smile, and a family man.

Michael Duggan

Have known Paul more years than I can count. Have yet to meet anyone who matches his energy, enthusiasm or integrity. Cannot recommend him highly enough in business or in life.

Christopher Rockey

There are few people in this world that I brag about being friends with, Paul is at the top of that list.
I have had the privilege to work with Paul throughout the Western United States and not only is he always at the top of his game but his intellectual capacity far exceeds that of any of his competitors.
On a personal note if not for Paul I would never have had the honor of earning the prestigious AAGG certification!

Paul Peacock

I've known Paul for over 20 years and it's always a pleasure to speak with him. Paul did a great job refinancing our home a few years ago. Not only is he a terrific loan professional, he's one of the most positive poeple that you will ever meet and a lot of fun. I highly recommend working with Paul.


I a a realtor, previously a mortgage broker and government mortgage loan underwriter. Paul Scheper was the V.P. of Reverse Mortgage Lending at a previous Orange County, CA company. He was one of the most congenial, best trainer, most professional, easily accessible, and innovative managers I have ever worked with in my 30+ years in real estate and lending. I would recommend Paul very highly for any P.R, marketing, training, or general management position for which he has expressed a sincere interest. Just an all around great guy!

Lee Griswold

I have known Paul for over ten years. During that time Paul has shown that he has a complete understanding of the Mortgage Banking business. He has trained many loan officers and wholesale account executives. His customers rave about his service and communication with them.
I highly recommend Paul for all of your mortgage needs.

Dave Wechsler

I have known Paul for over 10 years he is a Premier Professional and as honest as you will find in any Industry. HIs affable nature and uplifting spirit combined with his extensive mortgage knowledge make him a great ally. I would recommend Paul to anyone.

Bo Lucas

This guy right here is one of the kindest, smartest, man I have ever met! Paul, is such a joy to be around and knows everything about everything. He is the go to guy that can get it done!! He will not only help you...he will walk you there. I love this guy, and if you ever met him I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. #classact #paulknows

John Whichard

Paul has handled all my real estate financing requirements for almost twenty years! I can't imagine a more pleasurable positive experience exists! I hope to work with Paul another twenty years!

Rob Simmons

I've known Paul Scheper for 15+ years and he is the most personable, high character and hardest working person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I highly recommend Paul!!!

Rick Guthridge

Paul is a consumate professional and very knowledgable about all mortgage products. He is easy to work with and puts the fun in funding!

Daniel Dobbs

Paul is loan officer you can count on to get your loan done on time at a low rate.

Judy Parker

Paul finished my loan refinance in 3 weeks -- swift, easy. His team is detailed -- he has Lana and Sandy provide updates 3 times a week ... I felt like he cared about me. Very smart person and follows up.

Bryan Hutcheson

Honest, trustworthy and an official Man of Character, what more can be said? If you need a loan, look no further, you have found your man. 5 stars!

Lana Schott

Paul does a great job on every deal he does, always putting the borrower first! "Why can't we all get a loan " his famous quote. Paul will work hard to make any loan situation come to fruition! He never gives up.

Terry Yapp

Paul is both knowledgeable and ethical. He has years of experience in helping people secure home loans and has fun doing it! Paul is one of the "good guys" who I have had the pleasure of knowing for 25+ years!

Carolyn Becker

Questions about loans? Paul is the one to call. He has very solid advice about finance solutions and options. Include him in your next transaction, refinance or reverse mortgage, you will be glad you did.

Glen Tenove

I met Paul Scheper about seven years ago and I know him to be intelligent and a honorable person. We have worked together and he was professional and he always did what said he would do. Paul is very energetic and he works both hard and smart. I am very comfortable in recommending Paul Scheper.

Scott Scheper

Paul did an exceptional job raising me. Even though I did not learn how to avoid peeing on the toilet seat from him, I do find that he is a man of integrity and cares deeply about his clients.

Cody Jannetti

My recommendation for Paul is about both my work and personal experience over the last 20 years. There are few individuals in my life that have had an impact and only a handful where the impact changed my life path the way Paul has. I met Paul in 1997 as a high school sophomore @ SMCHS. Paul Hired me to work for his Real Estate company. This was my first "Data" job, where I created outbound calling lists to generate outbound calling leads for Pauls mortgage company. To the parents reading this, yes I had a job as a high school sophomore and yes your kids should too. But, your kids should not have just any job. Our children should not work to work. Our children should be able to work hard, be honest, and have fun while at work. At least that is what my dad taught me.

Paul saw what I was capable of before I was able to understand it myself. Instead of sealing marketing envelopes, he challenged me to mine data in efforts to create something better. Paul pushed me in the direction of Data Technology and today I owe much of my success to him. Paul was capable of seeing my strengths. He uses this super power in everything he does.

My family and I have used Paul to sell, buy, understand.. everything in Real Estate. With over 15 years of personal experience in this industry and 20 years of personal experience with Paul ; I could not recommend anyone more highly.

James N Finney

For over a decade Paul has worked with my team, my friends and my family.
We all trust him 100% with his knowledge and guidance for mortgage transactions.
He is a reliable and trustworthy family man with excellent credibility.

Ronnie L Townsend

Even though Paul was unable to secure the loan we wanted, his tireless efforts on our behalf were much appreciated. It is not every professional who will give you a straight talk recommendation that another company's offer might be best for you. I great appreciate his work and his professionalism on our behalf and will absolutely reach out to him the next time we are in need of a mortgage or even to consult on whether what we are considering is the right thing to do. He is quite simply "the best!"

Spencer Shiffman

I've known Paul Scheper over 35 years and can say with full admiration and respect, Paul is one of the greatest individuals I've ever met in my life! Not only a great mortgage broker, but truly a genuine, kind human being with more integrity than anyone I've ever met! I'm proud to call Paul a friend for life!

Raymond Bramzel

I have been connected with Paul for many years and have had plenty of respect of him as an expert in The SFR Mortgage Industry with plenty of knowledge and experience. In addition, he is a great coach and motivator which is reflected from his contributions to LinkedIn groups. His qualifications speak for themselves and adds to being a high level professional with no compromise of integrity. Paul is person I look up to as a model and an example for fellow professionals to follow.

Kristen Lanter

Paul is simply the best. He is always supportive and sees the best in people. I always wanted to do my best around him because he believed in me. Great leader and mentor. Respected colleague.

Neil Clark

I would highly recommend Paul. He has handled my mortgage financing needs over many years. He is knowledgeable and provides various financing options depending upon your needs. He (and his team) have always been responsive and provided very good customer service.

Katie Whichard

Paul is great! My whole family has him on speed dial for mortgage, refi, and everything else that can be confusing. He is best in class and puts his clients first. Paul personally visited me at the property I was about to buy and walked me through every step of the borrowing process.

Beth Tucker

Five star review - nothing less for the five star man!

Bryan Hutcheson

If you are looking for integrity and personal service, Paul is your man.

Randi Morgan

Paul helped me with a 5% down loan -- my first purchase ever. I was scared at first, but he guided me and helped me so much. I am so happy to own my home and not pay a landlord any longer.

Gene Warner

Paul is very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. He's just an all around good guy! His staff is quite competent also.

Kathleen Kane

Paul has earned a solid 5 star rating. Over the past 10 years, he has secured only the best of loans for us and uses a great team to quickly & efficiently complete the process. Our last loan is so good, we have no incentive to refinance! We have so much confidence in Paul that we have referred him to our closest friends who were equally pleased with their loans. He is our go to loan person hands down.

Jenny Warkenton

Paul Scheper is a knowledgeable, creative and fun professional to work with. I have referred clients to Paul several times during the last 15 years. He will always add a spark of humor and lightness to any situation and help ease the sometimes stressful homebuying process. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for financing.

Jeffrey Laufenberg

Paul is bright and energetic, goes the extra mile and always delivers the best product available. Highly recommend.

David Thompson

Paul and his entire team are the best!

They handle the entire process and make it nearly turnkey while getting the absolutely best rate on the market.


Mark Quick

Great Integrity! Paul will take his time to get to know you and your needs. He takes great care of each client of his. After doing business with Paul you'll feel you did business with a good friend.

Michael E. McFadden

Paul is a "trusted" advisor, providing Senior Loan solutions for the Senior marketplace. Paul has the ability to qualify and identify a senior's individual issues and concerns, in order to tailor a Reverse Mortgage Loan Program (HECM) to meet the client's retirement needs.

I have worked and known Paul for over 6 years and have complete confidence in his ability to provide his clients with the highest quality service and professionalism.

Doreen Pottios

Paul knows his product inside and out and makes sure the client makes smart choices that benefit the client not Paul.

Brett Nordyke

Paul Scheper is a remarkable human being. I have lots of trust and faith in him to get the job done.

Thank you Paul for all your hardwork!

Larry Irion

Although I have not had to use Paul's services for some time, I always found him to be honest and trustworthy and a "straight shooter." He was always able to find the best rate available.

JoAnna Bignell

Paul has always displayed the highest integrity in everything he sets his mind to. The work and care that Paul put into his clients directly influenced his employees to act in the same professional manner.
Paul is a leader who never misses an opportunity to encourage others to succeed.
If your looking to business with Paul I strongly recommend him to get results!

Stephen Niedringhaus

Paul is the BEST! Duty, honor and reliability are things I hold dear and so does Paul. I can't say enough great things about him. One of the BEST human being to ever live!

Rich Mesnick

When I knew Paul he was bright, conscientious and typically

followed up on his commitments

David Schulte

I was initially impressed with Paul's enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I met him 5 years ago. During this time Paul has consistently demonstrated all of these qualities. Paul has selflessly acted as a mentor to me in my times of need. Paul is a hardworking, top-performing professional. He has my highest recommendation.

Tom Ryall

I first met Paul when I joined Liberty Home Equity in 2016. Paul was one of the most motivated and engaging persons I have met during my time at Liberty. It was a sad day when he left to take on his next challenge.
Paul is one of the most energetic and motivated managers I have ever had the pleasure of working under.
I highly recommend Paul and believe he would be an asset to any company.

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